Thermal Ticket Printing

We offer a fully bespoke service for the design and printing of gift vouchers, voucher wallets, tickets for theatres, cinemas, sporting events, music events or any event that needs access control.

We cater for the simplest of tickets to full security tickets incorporating holofoils etc.. They can be perforated in 1+ places, include barcodes, RFID contactless technology or anti-fraud with holofoils.  Single or multi coloured. Our secure tickets are compliant with ITSO TS 1000-0. Version 2.1.4

As well as being the physical access ticket for an event, our customers use tickets to advertise a range of facilities, forth coming events, contact details or details of partner organisations. Include the artwork for you current production.

We offer a flexible service and can quote competitively even for small runs for seasonal or annual events. We will work in partnership with you to help with the design of the ticket in the first instance if that is required. Include your logos, corporate messages and terms and conditions. Print your seasonal programme on the ticket. Advertise Membership Deals etc etc.

Call us now for a quote on:

  • Corporate event tickets
  • Theatre tickets
  • Sporting event ticket
  • Horse Racing Event
  • Concert tickets
  • Student Union Event Tickets
  • Theme park / tourist attractions
  • Airline tickets
  • Boarding passes
  • Train / travel tickets

We produce high quality, well printed products, delivered on time and which we are confident will represent real value for money for you.

Self adhesive labels

We manufacture and supply all types of self-adhesive labels in packs of 500 in a wide range of sizes. These labels are used primarily in warehouses, factories and building sites where particular warning messages are necessary by law.

Please contact us for a very competitive bespoke quotation.

Anti Tamper stickers

Anti tamper stickers are used to identify and protect valuable items from theft. They can be printed on a roll with your own bespoke information and then applied by hand.

We can turn these around within 3 working days.

Stima CLS - Heavy Duty Thermal Ticket Printer With Cutter

Ideal for:

  • Event Ticketing – Cinemas, museums, concerts and stadium
  • Transport Ticketing – Air (Boarding passes & bag tags) rail, bus and ferry
  • Parking Stations – Pay station kiosks, attended stations and fines printer
  • Car Rental – Receipt and voucher issue
  • Fast, Reliable and Flexible Thermal Ticket Printers
  • Logo Printing, True Type Fonts and Mass Storage
  • RFID, Internal Barcode Scanner Options
  • STIMA CLS works on all ticketing systems
  • Numerous command emulations supported
  • USB, RS232, ETHERNET and optional WiFi connectivity.

Fast, Reliable and Flexible Thermal Ticket Printers

The STIMA CLS ticket printer is fast, up to 250mm/sec. It can handle paper thickness up to 350 g/m2. The cutter is designed to withstand 2 million cuts during it’s lifetime. The printer is 200dpi and 300dpi compliant. A simple change of printhead and your printer goes from 200dpi to 300dpi and vice versa.

The STIMA CLS ticket printer offers a number of advanced security and service features. It has sensors for black mark detection either on thermal side or the non thermal side of the ticket as standard. The printer will also handle all types of notched ticket stock.

RFID, Internal Barcode Scanner Unique Options

Internal Barcode reader
The STIMA CLS can be equipped with an internal barcode scanner which enables you to register which piece of ticket stock is used for what transaction. It is a fact that the highest source of counterfeits is your own ticket stock going missing. With this unique system it is possible to ensure:

  • What the status of ticket stock is
  • Which piece of ticket stock has been used for which transaction
  • If your tickets end up being sold in the secondary market then it is possible to trace from where the ticket was sold.
  • Offline access control checks can be done by scanning the preprinted barcode and the barcode issued by the ticketing software. If the handheld tells you that the barcodes match you have checked for counterfeiting and fraud.

RFID Read/Write
Our printers have been designed to incorporate encoding and reading of RFID chips. We are able to handle UHF and HF frequencies. The RFID component of our printer is an integral part of the printer design and means that we can handle all the major chip types and ticket sizes.

The throughput speed of our RFID printers is very high whether you are just reading the chip or writing also.

Logo Printing, True Type Fonts and Mass Storage

The STIMA CLS ticket printer is supplied with USB, serial and Ethernet ports as standard. This means that it is possible to print over the network and use the ethernet web based server for technician intervention and automatic maintenance notifications.

The Ethernet interface with integrated web server allows remote monitoring for complete real time diagnostics. It is also possible to install applications, updates and configurations in real time over the internet.

The printer comes equipped with 2GB of expandable flash memory and allows the printing of all fonts, true type fonts and bitmap logos as standard.

The logo manager allows you to print logos straight from your printer to your ticket stock rather than from a central server. This means that you can have a unique logo on every ticket if required.

True type fonts can be simply and easily loaded up on to the flash memory of the printer.

STIMA CLS compliancy with other printers

The STIMA CLS can be used using the same command structure of many existing printers on the market. It should not be necessary to change anything in your software to allow the CLS to print off your system directly.

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